dimanche 12 décembre 2010

Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law e-book

Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law e-booksdirectory.com. A plain-English guide to open source law for developers, managers, users, and lawyers. Rosen clearly explains the intellectual property laws that support open source licensing, reviews today's leading licenses, and helps you make the best choices.


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(...) tdk : 

Is there a version under Creative Commons ? [oups] This book is available online under the Academic Free License (“AFL”) v. 3.0 



Aldo and Niclas,
thanks for these hints.
here's Lawrence Rosen's personnal webpage : www.rosenlaw.com/rosen.htm

Rosen's book chapter displays on page 184 ( "The OSL and the AFL" chapter ) about the Academic Free License
"Licensor hereby grants You a world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, sublicensable licence to do the following :
a) to reproduce the Original Work in copies;
b) to prepare derivative works (Derivative Works) based upon the Original Work;
c) to distribute copies of the Original Work and Derivative Works;
d) to perform the Original Work publicly; and
e) to display the Original Work publicly"

This book way published by Prentice Hall in July 2004 as well.

What could have been the business model of this book ? 



Yes. that's might a be a long term investment.
Suppose that you, as an investment banker, are offered to buy some shares of Lawrence Rosen's law firm, would you ? 


and you would be wise even if he were not your friend : by placing his book under AFL, Lawrence Rosen might have expected in return some reputation.

Under France intellectual property regulation, if you like an idea expressed by an original formula (that you might assess through a google exact search) which is authored, you are allowed to use it at some conditions that include an obligation to expressly quote the author.

It's a way to say thank you to the idea/formula originator.

But the problem here is that it seems to be a lot of Lawrence Rosen and who are lawyers ;-0 (just try the people search provided by Linkedin above)

What measure(s) would you suggest to your friend to ensure that he get the credit he deserves ? 

How about the publisher ?