mardi 6 septembre 2011

Governance vs management

Discussion started by Shafiq Hamid at ISO 35800 for IT governance on January 2011.

"Governance vs management
The very murky waters of Governance vs. Management with respect to IT is going to be a global challenge. Do you think its a lot more evident in some geographic regions? I find the Middle East corporate leaders are really going to have problems getting their head around this!"

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Hello all,

a much interesting discussion compared to another discussion with the same title (governance vs management) taking place in another group (maybe because this one is self regulated whereas the other is moderated )

I mean much interesting because this discussion explores the time dimension (evolution of governance /management) as well as spatial dimension (eg countries).

We have to contemplate that there are lot "ways" to govern IT.

Building on this discussion, i would identify two :
* one will separate governance and management

* the second will make no difference.

I call these "ways" "regimes" where regime is the notion borrowed from political science. 

And what do you think of ITIL 2011 ?

Their authors claim to have improved their representation between governance and management.

Should we keep with the updates as indicated the "ITIL 2011 Summary of Updates", i woud think that they are on the right path. 

on your challenge to improve Cobit 5 (documents).

Should be easy : they are only Draft Exposures.

How would you react to address formally the notion of SLA in the Framework (there is no mention where as in the Process doc, the concept is addressed).

Has SLA become a minor notion in IT governance ? 

On ITIL, i would say that ITIL is about governance as far as governance is a framework to make decisions.

What makes you say that Cobit 5 does a " hudge leap forward" for KM (knowledge management) ? 

i would simply say : the framework is governance, making decisions is management.

Thank you for your response on what you meant by "KM". 

if i am following you :

decisions are taken at all levels of an organisation.

i would say the same thing for the [decision] framework.

at CEO level there are the company statuses (what most of people call "enterprise governance", that is governance at the level of the enterprise),

at lower levels "decision rights and accountability framework" [1]...which is "governance" at the operational level.

At these lower levels, we find IT governance and generally IT is not the enterprise (maybe for google or LinkedIn, who knows ?). We might find also IP governance...(IP : intellectual property)

So "IT Governance" (in upper case) is governance of IT (in lower case) [or governance for IT]

[1] Pr Weill's definition (cf wikipedia on IT governance) 

i would not say that ISACA is "deaf".

Best practices is good business in the digital economy [1] and like a worldwide installed software, migration to a new version/features is tricky.

[1] For the group members who are reading this discussion, here is a survey on the true value of best practices (maybe there are membres of this group who are interested to take 60 seconds to share their opinion : no need to register and the statistics are updated in real time and communicated at the end of the questionnaire.