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Welcome at the "Open Innovation on Linkedin with Tru Dô-Khac " blog.
We can assess that Linkedin social network primary objective was for career developement. You might sometimes get a business lead.
For my part, i use it to learn and explore knowledge.... and after a short period of trial, Linkedin reveals itself a powerful media to crowdsource.

Why ?

  • because it is open : you do not need to pay a fee to enter a group (please note that an entering  fee to a forum might be immaterial such as waving some intellectual property rights to the owner/producer of the group/forum)
  • because it is trusted : messages are signed and the author's CV is accessible
  • because it is self regulated : when you post a message, you put at stakes your reputation as a professional. If your message is not relevant such an ad, it could be counter productive.
  • and last but not least because there are a bunch of fellows who do like debating, maybe for business, carreer, or  knowledge development, but for fun as well.

There might be some room for improvement, notably how intellectual property rights are handled.

But that's fine for me to take this Cloud Computing service  "as is" ; that is the case for this Blog service as well.

 The objectives of this blog are
- to trace and point at my "best of" Linkedin Discussions
- to trace and point to some Linkedin Discussions i have enjoyed and to which i have taken part
- to invite you to join, share and have fun at the Discussions.

Direct links to the Discussions or to the Group have been set.

Nevertheless, you might need to register to Linkedin Group to join the discussion.

Linkedin Discussions to which i took part (that's where the real Fun is)
- Discussion Title
- credit to the Discussion's launcher
- Linkedin Group where the Discussion is taking place
- Discussion launching date
- number of comments as of date
- some of my posted comments with approximative date of posting
- quotes of other posts in order to let you grasp the Discussion context and my post(s) context.

Linkedin Discussions i launched

- "tdk" followed by Discussion Title
- Linkedin Group where the Discussion is taking place
- Discussion launching date
- Number of comments as of a date

 But the best way is that to go and see by yourself.

Tru Dô-Khac


Note : "Open Innovation" is reputed to be coined by Pr. Henry Chesbrough

Creative Commons Paternité - Pas d'Utilisation Commerciale - Partage des Conditions Initiales à l'Identique 2.0 France

Update Sept 2019
Since Nov. 2010, we have used other social networks, public and private :
  • MOOC 
  • space for comments provided by professional medias
  • forum produced by governmental agencies,
  • private social networks (enterprises, associations,...) 
We have found that each of them have their own rules and codes.

To make the best of each, you should adapt your practice and style.

Should you need some coaching, how could we help ?
Contact : Tru Do-Khac