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samedi 29 octobre 2011

An article on sourcing by Booz & Co

For those looking to make a case with the rest of the organization about getting support for your sourcing initiatives or your sourcing management office, check out this new white paper from Booz 
started by Bill Hefley
eSCM-CL Group

tdk :
thank you for the notice.

An intesresting article that details a vendor management capability with five dimensions : culture, governance, organisation, people and IT support systems.

But these capabilities should be shaped according to the sourcing strategy : looking for scale, speed or innovation [1]

If you address scale or speed, that is fine to put the Legal department in the middle (contrat negociation) or at the end (contrat termination) of the vendor management cycle (as shown in exhibit 2 page 5).

But if you are heading for innovation, i would feel that you would be better off to invite the legal department right at the front of the cycle to help to tackle with the intellectual property issues.

For a large organisation which generally pursue scale, speed and innovation with its venfors portofolio, a differentiated sourcing governance should be put in place.

[1] quoting the title of a McKinsey article "« Managing IT for scale, speed and innovation » de Sam Marwaha et Paul Willmott, McKinsey & Company, 2006, referenced under the title "A differentiated governance model for IT"