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vendredi 7 janvier 2011

Establishing governance in IT

 Establishing Governance in IT
Started by : Venkat Nambiyur

Group : IT Governance
Started by : DD Mishra
Comments as of Jan 6. 2011 :45

(...) tdk
if i understand you correctly,
1. your IT organisation has not put an IT governance so far.
2. As it transform itself (or is it the whole enterprise ?), you (but not your IT organisation ?) feel that putting in place some kind of "IT governance" would be opportune.

May i ask you what are your expectations from this "IT governance" ? 

(...) tdk
I would feel that in IT governance, the key issue is implementation and endorsement by IT share and stakeholders.The underlying intellectual approach would come in second.

To be qualified as "Best Practice" or as "Standard", be promoted by a state agency, supported by a global reputed professional association, bear the credit of a prestigious university or propose an aesthetic assembling of most popular practices might have a lot of leverage.

This said, Chris,
you use "IT Governance arrangements" and "IT Governance frameworks".
Do you make some differences or are these formulas equivalent ? 

thank you for information rich answer.
I have to confess that it is the first time i hit PID (neither "PID" appears in ITIL V3).

It has invited me to have a closer look at PRINCE 2 (so far i had only hints to scroll at its peer method PMBOK) : a quick web google search says that PID stands for "Project Initiation Document" and that it has been defined in/by PRINCE2. 

first happy new year !

Your presentation is about "portal governance" that is defined as
"structure, roles /responsabilities and processes that support efficient decision making for
- 1. managing your portal infrastructure and
- 2. publishing new assets".

It seems that there are two objects of governance :
- portal infrastructure,
- published assets.

Were there specific governance principles regarding each of the two objects :
- portal infrastructure and
- published assets ?

I am with Mark and say that the aim of IT governance is to enable creation of value thought the usage of IT.

Please note that effective governance (and IT governance) depends on culture ( and for IT governance on "enterprise culture") and that there might be an underlying doctrine behind an IT governance framework : a framework is always written by authors who bear their own culture.

If you are interested by how French CIO manage IT (and that include IT governance), you may visit the CIGREF site : www.cigref;fr

Unfortunately, you would have to know some French to tap from this collective intelligence.
If you need some guidance, i'll be happy to give some until a certain point : to represent CIGREF or to deliver a translation, i would need some formal clearance first from CIGREF.

There is an english section though : www.cigref.fr/cigref_english/

CIGREF's motto was until end of 2010 : "To promote uses of information systems as a factor of value creation and source of innovation for the enterprise"