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mercredi 27 juin 2012

Do you think that Intellectual Property (IP) governance should be part of IT governance ?

Do you think that Intellectual Property (IP) governance should be part of IT governance ?
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As of August 27. 2012 : 6 comments

To the question : "Would you think that “intellectual property governance” [IP
governance] is a discipline apart from “information/data governance” (but connected to)?"

A "collaborative" survey (the stats are immediately updated and communicated to the respondent at the end of questionnaire with no need to register) gives
73 % Yes
20 % : No


 if i am following you well :
for you "IT Governance" is a shorter way to name "Business Governance of IT" or "Enterprise Governance of IT"
IT Governance refers to various measures applied to enterprises resources in view that IT support and extend the enterprise objectives and strategy.

For you these resources include intellectual property and therefore IP governance is a part of IT governance.

Are for you Intellectual Property Governance and Information Security Governance two distincts disciplines ? 

 To build on your two points :
"Due diligence" might fall into IP resource management (inventory of IP) and IP risk management to assess whether you actually own the rights (rights are not so clear cut, even in patent or trademarks so on copyrights...)

Whether the IP is worth something is might fall into "IP /business strategy alignment" and "IP value delivey".